Where to Buy Unisex Scrub Caps

Where to Buy Unisex Scrub Caps 


Shopping local is important, and what better way to shop a Canadian brand then by buying made in Toronto scrub caps!


All of our NYA Scrub Caps are handmade in Toronto, Canada from locally sourced fabrics


At NYA Scrub Caps we want to make sure that all scrub caps are able to be worn by men and women!  The design of our scrub caps allows them to be unisex and fit ensures women and men will find them comfortable




We believe that scrub caps are such a great and honestly a fun way to show off your personality, so throw on your rainbow or pineapples and make someones day! 


pineapple scrub cap

Every single scrub cap is made of 100% cotton and made by me in Toronto, Canada

I personally pick all the fabrics and I really do want them all to bring a smile to peoples faces when they see them


floral surgical cap

Being in the hospital is a scary place for a-lot of people and being able to make it even a little bit friendlier, I consider that to be a huge accomplishment



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