The Fastest Nurse Hairstyle (10 seconds or less!)

Mornings are busy enough and you have to plan what you'll bring for lunch/dinner and what scrubs you're going to wear and dare I say traffic and parking..


Basically, your mornings are already pretty packed with things you need to do

Let's take one thing off the to do list 


Your Hair


You now may be wondering how you can do your hair in 10 seconds or less and may even think I'm lying


The simply answer is SCRUB CAPS 


When I started my first job as a nurse I was a mess.. I already wasn't a fan of doing my hair and waking up at 5:30 AM did not make me any happier to learn hair styles. 


One day I discovered the easiest way of dealing with my hair was to simply throw a surgical cap on


I've seen headbands but that still leaves the issue of bun or pony tail?


Scrub caps are fun & easily personalized to your liking with the variety of prints available and will seriously give you more time in the morning to do what you would rather be doing.


Grab that second coffee, make that yummy lunch and take that extra 10 mins to hit snooze


You deserve it 



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