Top 5 Scrub Cap Questions (Answered!)

I get asked so many great questions regarding the fit and style of the NYA Surgical Caps I decided to put them all together and talk about the Top 5 FAQs that are asked!


These questions are so important and every scrub cap on the market is slightly different and a-lot of people have sizing issues so these topics are very important to discuss


1. Will my hair fit under the scrub cap?

Yes! Medium length hair will fit under the scrub cap.  Simply put your hair in a low bun and tuck it under the back of the surgical cap.

 There is an elastic at the back of every scrub cap and ties to allow flexibility and secures your hair. 


2. Can I wear my hair outside the scrub cap?

Of course! Variety is everything and somedays you may choose you want to wear your hair outside of the scrub cap.

Many of the NYA FAM wear their hair outside the scrub cap in braids or a low bun and looks super cute.  The choice is up to you! 


3. Are the buttons on every scrub cap or is that extra?

Buttons are included on every single scrub cap. I personally believe they are a necessity during the pandemic and really save your ears from skin breakdown due to the constant mask wearing.   

4. How do I wash my scrub caps?

Great question! I wrote a in-depth blog post on this covering what to wash them with, temperature of the water and drying methods! 

1. Collect all like colours together

2. Wash on the gentle cycle and with cold water

3. Hang scrub caps to dry



5. What material is it made out of?

All scrub caps are made of 100% cotton fabric which allows for breathability and comfort throughout your shift. 




If you need further help deciding which scrub cap is best for you there is an article I recently wrote an article on that.


Do you have any other questions? Leave a comment below!

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