How to Wash Scrub Caps (3 simple steps!)

How Often Do you Wash your Scrub Caps?


Chances are not enough

Scrub caps should be washed after each surgery or (if you're not a surgeon) after each shift 

Luckily it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to wash this surgical caps and they are dry usually overnight!


1. Separate your Scrub Caps into Like Colours

This step is very important and is sometimes hard to follow.  Chances are you have many different coloured scrub caps and it is tempting to throw them all in at the same time to wash them.  
Resist this urge!! It is very important that all scrub caps are washed with colours similar to them to lower the chances of the colours mixing.  This resulting in your scrub caps changing colour and losing the vibrant colours.


2. Wash Your Scrub Caps on the Gentle Cycle in Cold Water 

Since all of our scrub caps are 100% cotton and handmade this step will ensure your scrub cap has a long life.  The cold water is needed to ensure that the colours remain vibrant and the cotton does not shrink. Using the gentle cycle/hand-wash ensures that your scrub cap remains exactly the way it was intended to fit.  


3. Hang Scrub Caps to Dry

I strongly recommend all scrub caps to be hung to dry.  This is due to the nature of the construction of the scrub cap and the chance that the dryer may result in your favourite scrub cap shrinking. In the case of the dryer I believe it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. The scrub caps are 100% cotton and usually dry within 4 hours depending on air circulation.  Air drying your surgical cap can help extend the life of the cap and reduce breakage of the fibers and helps the cap keeps its shape!





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