Hair breakdown and N95 Mask

How to Protect Your Hair and Skin from Breakdown from N95 Mask

We are now entering a new year and the need to protect yourself is as important as ever.  Two full years of hair being ripped and ears being sore from wearing the much needed protection that it takes to work on the frontline.  
N95 masks are important and should be worn to protect yourself when working, but what about your hair and poor ears?

The answer is scrub caps! 

Scrub caps are able to cover your ears and all your hair, this allowing you to place the elastic N95 straps on the back of your head without pulling at your hair.  The elastic straps will also not irritate your ears since the surgical cap will be covering them. 


As you are protecting your patients, let NYA Scrub Caps protect you from the protection that is so vital to protecting yourself and your families. 

Protecting your skin and hair from breakdown and irritation has never looked cuter too! We offer a variety of unisex and fun scrub cap patterns that allow you to really show off your personality all while protecting your hair and skin from mask breakdown.  

All NYA Scrub Caps are hand made in Toronto, Canada and made from 100% cotton.  We love hearing from our NYA Fam and seeing pictures of you in your scrub cap at work! Tag us on Instagram to be featured 




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