Where to Buy Scrub Caps Online Canada (2021)

Where to Buy Made in Canada Scrub Caps


Buying local is an amazing way to show your fellow Canadians that you are supporting them. 

Throughout COVID several small business have started and whether your original job was ended due to the pandemic or you have simply decided this is your moment to change careers.

Many of your fellow Canadians have took the leap and said this is my year to change it up!

I was one of these Canadians and I decided to sell Scrub Caps that are sourced and made in Canada.  

I believe that made locally matters and being self sufficient matters. 

Made in Canada Surgical Caps are available for purchase on this site and you can rest assured that you are supporting a local business.  All NYA Scrub Cap are made in Toronto, Ontario.

All NYA scrub caps come with a label that proudly presents that it is made in Canada.

All 100% cotton fabric is locally sourced within Canada whenever possible. If you're in the market for amazing selection and fast shipping make sure you check out these shops! 



Becks Fabric, Bolton, ON

Becks Fabric was one of the first fabric stores I used. Julia's speedy delivery times and quality fabrics keep me always coming back for more! Free shipping over $125 CDN and friendly service every time. 

About Becks Fabric:

Hi, I'm Julia. I'm the owner and creator of BecksFabrics. Becky is my daughter who has been my inspiration. When she was born she was only 2lbs 3oz and 31 weeks gestation. Going through 2 months of NICU (neonatal intensive care unit where they keep all premature babies) experience with her I needed to channel my energy into something to help me forget the scary days. I have always loved fabric since I could remember myself as my grandmother always had projects on the go and stashes of fabrics that I loved to play with and just imagine what I could make from it. I started sewing baby clothes, blankets, and car seat canopies for Becky and my friends and now opened up an online fabric store. Becky helped me dive into the world of sewing.  

Then I decided to follow my passion and open my own fabric store as living in Canada I find it is very hard to find fabric. I hand pick all my fabrics and I spend a lot of time trying to make sure I have a wide selection of fun and colour so everyone can find something they like.



Thread Count Fabrics, Souris, Manitoba 

Thread Count Fabrics always has such a lovely selection of fabrics and wide varieties. Speedy free shipping over $125 CDN

About Thread Count Fabrics:

Like so many other little girls, I grew up watching my mother sewing. Creating many beautiful things especially at Halloween! I loved to go fabric shopping with her, it would spark my imagination. Now many years later, with a young family of my own, that creative spark has resurfaced! After the birth of my second daughter I found myself with even more inspiration, as who doesn’t love to sew for not one but two beautiful little girls! However, in rural Manitoba finding modern fabrics was quite difficult as modern fabric shops are few and far between. As an avid online shopper I turned to the internet. After my search I felt like there was a void in Canadian online fabric shops for the quality modern prints I was after.  So while on maternity leave from my position as a nurse I decided to start an online fabric shop and just like that Thread Count Fabrics was born! We started small as a homebased online store in 2016 but in no time at all our inventory quickly grew and so did our family. It was time to move the shop to a bricks and mortar location. In April 2018 we moved in to our new location at 37 Crescent Ave in the little town of Souris. In September 2018 we added a new family member and have settled in to our new space. We are thrilled with our local and online support and have met so many lovely fabric enthusiasts and look forward to meeting many more!



Fabric Fabric, Toronto, Ontario

If you are on the look out for absolutely any fabric ever. This is the place. If you are from Toronto or the surrounding area this place is worth the drive. 

Friendly staff, great prices and wide selection of fabric styles and types.



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