How to pick the best Scrub Cap (They're not all created equally!)

How to Choose the Perfect Scrub Cap

Scrub Cap shopping seems easy right?

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sadly, no

There are so many options it really is hard to decide on which surgical cap is best for your situation and place of work. There are many things to consider when shopping for your next scrub cap and hopefully after reading this article you will have a better grasp on what cap is best for you! 

Let's begin.



This may be often overlooked and honestly, it really shouldn't be! You'll be wearing this scrub cap for give or take usually 12 hours straight and fabric quality is essential. When looking at what the scrub cap is made of make sure it says 100% cotton.  

This means BREATHABLE and less sweat. VERY important for the long shifts and the amount of PPE that is put on during your day.  You are already going to be hotter than usual so its best to opt for the cooler option whenever possible! 


100% cotton fabric scrub caps 


Buttons/Ear Minders

Ok I know what you're thinking... buttons?? Why buttons..

Trust me when I say buttons are a game changer if you are wearing your mask for extended periods of time.  Having to wear a mask for less than 2 hours you may never understand this type of struggle but once you finish your 3 in a row of 12s you'll agree.

Skin breakdown is real and buttons are an easy fix to this problem.  Make sure that your scrub cap has buttons/ they are easily able to be added. 

Ear minders scrub cap

Elastic/tied back

The saying "one size fits all" is often used wherever hats are sold.  Let's face it everyones head shape and amount of hair differs person to person.  

The elastic and ties are a life saver for anyone that is not quite sure if they will fit the scrub cap.  This allows you to have the choice of either wearing your hair under the scrub cap or outside!



Fabric Designs 

This will depend on where you work and your personal style.  Personally I love a bright and fun fabric and that is why NYA Scrub Caps was made.

Solid colours are popular and some nursing schools will only allow these types so make sure you check with your school prior to buying! 



men scrub caps




You will be wearing this scrub cap for usually 12 hours and it is important that you buy from a store with a strong reputation and you are able to easily reach out if there is any problems.  

Many believe that scrub caps are such a minor part of the uniform but I disagree.  It is the first thing the patient sees upon you entering their room and I believe it is an important aspect of the uniform.

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Comment below what is most important to you when scrub cap shopping! 




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