Who Wears Scrub Caps? (more people than you might think!)

Scrub caps are fun and easily personalized. Who wouldn't want to wear one?? 

Ever wonder who this bunch of scrub cap enthusiasts are and hey maybe you too could wear one of these and you didn't even realize!

Let's dive in to all the superstar professionals that add scrub caps to their daily attire.


You might now be thinking surgeons duh! Yes of course surgeons are the first profession that comes to most peoples minds.  Surgeons have been wearing scrub caps since 1904. Scrub caps are worn inside the operating room to prevent bacteria from falling into the sterile field during operations. 



OR Nurses/Techs 

Yes you guessed it! Everyone in the operating room needs to cover their hair to maintain a sterile environment.  The reasoning behind this is the same as the surgeons.  The hair contains bacteria that must be contained to ensure it does not fall into the sterile surgical field 




Many professionals in the Dental industry choose to wear scrub caps.  Dentists use them when performing dental surgeries.  As well as many dental assistants and dental hygienists choose to wear them to protect their hair and maintain a clean working environment.  According to the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario all hair must be covered and worn away from the face. Those working in the dentistry are often times leaning over a client for hours at a time. The use of a scrub cap is great and helps keep their hair clean and neatly tucked beneath the scrub cap.  



Veterinary Medicine

Similarly to surgeons in hospitals. During Veterinary operations the veterinary surgeons and Vet Technicians need to maintain a sterile environment. Surgical caps must be worn by everyone that is present in the operating room.




All Hospital Staff!

My favourite part of scrub caps is that everyone is able to wear them! Not just those mandated.  Floor nurses, Clinic Staff, XRAY Technicians, Porters, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, Meal Services, Environmental Services, PSWs Etc. can all benefit from wearing scrub caps! Simply throw your hair under the cap and get on with your day. During the pandemic more and more people have decided to add an additional layer of PPE to their regular scrub uniform.  Scrub caps are able to protect your hair and added buttons aid in the skin breakdown from wearing a mask all shift. 


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