Where to buy Surgical Caps with Buttons for Mask (2021)

Scrub caps have been worn since 1904 and since then a-lot has changed in regards to the style and those who wear them! 

In 2020 with the COVID-19 Pandemic it brought many health care workers looking for extra protection and a way to cover their hair and keep their head clean.

 Surgical Caps with Buttons for Masks

Shortly after many health care workers started noticing that the 12 hour shift was honestly a pretty long time to wear a mask and the ears were paying the price.

You may think .. what .. your ears? why?? 

Well the elastic from the mask rubs on your ears for the whole 12 hours and by the end of the day you're left with red dry ears.


That was until at-least the button was introduced!


A simple solution to a very annoying problem. Simply put your surgical mask elastics over the buttons and not only will your ears thank you, your mask will actually fit more secure. 


Your hair VS. your N95 Mask

Shortly after adding buttons to all scrub caps here at NYA Scrub Caps I received an email from a Nurse who said that she loves the scrub caps since they protect her hair from the STRONG elastic on the N95 masks.

I thought that was such a valid point and honestly worth sharing.

If you have ever worn the N95 mask you know the struggle that is taking it off and putting it on, and all those moments you think all your hair just might fall out. 

Those days are over! 

Simply put on your scrub cap and put on your N95 mask elastics over the back of the cap

Your hair will thank you and your elastics will fit securely on the back of the surgical cap to ensure the seal is tight to protect you the whole shift 


Incase you needed some more reasons to start rocking a stylish scrub cap you can read my Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Scrub Cap Blog Post 



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