How to Take Manual Blood Pressure (UPDATED PICTURES)

How to take Manual Blood Pressure ⠀

1. Once patient is correctly position and blood pressure cuff is placed (there may be a arrow that says brachial artery, make sure it is placed correctly)


2. Locate radial pulse, keep index finger on pulse and proceed to inflate the BP cuff

3. Continue inflating cuff 30mm Hg above when you notice pulse disappears

4. Slowly deflate cuff and wait 60 seconds

5. Put stethoscope bell on brachial artery

6. Inflate BP cuff to 30 mm Hg above loss of pulse (measured in first step)

7. Slowly allow cuff to deflate

8. Note when first clear sound occurs (Systolic pressure)

9. Slowly deflate BP cuff, note when pulse is no longer hear pulse (Diastolic pressure) (Jarvis, 2014).

⭐️ Nursing Tip: Super helpful blood pressure tip, if you are struggling to find the brachial artery.  Ask the patient to hyper extend their arm and place your thumb on their elbow and allow index and middle finger to wrap their arm. ⭐️

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