Are Scrub Caps Bad For Your Hair???!! (2022)

You might see people wearing scrub caps and think..

 "are they bad for my hair?"


The exact opposite actually


The right scrub caps have several benefits to your hair and wearing one actually has the chance to better protect your hair.

(Here are my tips to look out for when shopping for a good scrub cap!)


Top two reasons wearing a scrub cap is good for your hair

1. Washing your hair

This point I think is very important.  Wearing a scrub cap allows you to go that extra day without washing your hair.  Also, you can skip styling your hair with heat product that do more damage. 

2. Protection against Germs

Let's face it, working in the hospital setting can get messy.  Scrub caps have the ability to keep your hair tucked back and safe when performing all tasks.  This reducing the amount of times you need to wash your hair. 

Simply throw your NYA Scrub Caps in the wash when you're done your shift and your good to go!

For a more through list of reasons check out our blog post "Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Scrub Cap"





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