Where to buy fun and memorable scrub caps (be a conversation starter!!)

Love shopping close to home? Love novelty and fun scrub caps?  Well look no further! 

At Not Your Average Scrub Caps we specialize in just that.  Fun, novelty and always 100% cotton scrub caps.

We believe that scrub caps are a vital component to every uniform.  Scrub caps bring a smile to peoples faces during some of the hardest days.  Scrub caps are conversation starters.  

Imagine you are going in for a surgery and you look up at the smiling nurse's face and see they are wearing an Office scrub cap.  Instantly you have something to talk about. Your favourite show!

Our mission is to delight our customers and let their personality shine through with their favourite scrub cap.  Whether you're a fan of The Office, absolutely love Drake or are the biggest Maple Leafs fan EVER.  We have the scrub cap for you!

NYA carries a variety of 100% cotton, fun print scrub caps that are made in Toronto, Canada.  

All our scrub caps are unique and memorable.  

One customer reached out saddened that she lost her favourite scrub cap at work.  The Baby Yoda Scrub Cap and she was so upset she wanted to buy another right away.  

The next day she went into work and a co -worker who usually did not work with her said she found it in the staircase.  Due to the uniqueness of the scrub caps print she remembered exactly the nurse who lost it!  

She was reunited with her favourite scrub cap and made a friend! 

 Find your favourite, can't do a shift without scrub cap today.  

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