Top 5 Scrub Caps for Paediatric Nurses (2021)

Being in the hospital is a scary place for most people (especially kids!) all the new noises and people and not being able to be in their own bed at night.

Luckily they are surrounded by caring faces and helpful staff to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible!

Scrub caps are a great way to bring a smile to a child's face and allows them to feel more comfortable meeting new people.

Imagine your in the hospital scared and worried and you see your paediatric nurse walk in wearing a bright & fun scrub cap


Top 5 picks for best Paediatric Scrub Caps

1. Rainbow Scrub Cap










This Rainbow Scrub Cap is sure to bring a smile to anyones face! 100% cotton fabric and 100% happiness.  This scrub cap has an elastic back and buttons to protect your ears.


2. Pineapple Scrub Cap

Bright, fun & welcoming colours will truly brighten their day! This pineapple scrub cap is made with 100% cotton material and has an elastic back to ensure the right fit. This scrub cap has buttons to protect your ears from skin breakdown.


3. Turtles Scrub Cap










Now who doesn't like turtles?? This 100% cotton scrub cap will keep everyone smiling (especially your ears after you hook your mask onto the buttons!)


4. Lobster Scrub Cap

Get them to count the number of lobsters on your scrub cap


5. Dogs Scrub Cap 

Name something funner than dogs on a beach, I'll wait 




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