Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Nurses (2021)

Top 5 List of Christmas Gifts for the Nurse in Your Life 

The holidays are fast approaching and whether you're shopping for a secret Santa present for your work bestie or the special nurse in your life, we got you covered! 

 Here is a list of what I personally think would be an amazing gift for any nurse or health care worker

All these recommendations are my honesty opinion and I am not receiving any kick backs from the brands! 

1. 1 L YETI Rambler Bottle

Hydration is key and in the health care environment it is not always easy to get to a water station.  This bottle was honestly a life saver when working and keeps your water ice cold throughout your 12 hour shift

I honestly do recommend this product and I opted to get the chug lid but i am pretty sure they now include that in all purchases! 





2. A Cozy Fleece Zip Up

My personal favourite is the Patagonia Better Sweater  but you can find so many different types and styles. The important part is to get a zip up with some sort of fleece component.  This will keep them nice and warm in that A/C filled hospital all winter long! 


Find out which coffee shop is located within their hospital and get them a gift card! This will make break times so much more enjoyable for them and they will be so grateful you did your research on which coffee shops are in their building!

4. Scrubs!

Find out their brand of choice and size and treat them to a brand new pair of scrubs.  My personal fave is Figs. They have so many cute colours and styles that allow you to always change up your uniform. This also means you will be able to gift them something they may not own yet! 

5. Scrub Caps! 

Of course, I believe scrub caps are an important gift and addition to every nurse or health care workers uniform.  NYA now has gift cards and that really does take the pressure of shopping off your shoulders.  
Gifts starting from as low as $20.95 CDN

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