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Nursing School Exam Tips 

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Nursing school exam taking should be a full course of  its own! The techniques and phrasing of words is enough to make your head spin.

I remember being told by every teacher in the program “make sure you re read every question at least two times” and were they ever right!

Nursing school exams are a breed of their own and if you every have taken an exam you know exactly what I mean!

Here are some phrases and words to look out for when taking your next exam.


🔸 Look out for phrases like “Never” or “Always” these are usually red flags because very few things are done always or never.  Make sure you re read the question a few times before answering

🔸 “Which statement indicates the patient has understood the teaching” Make sure you read the possible answers a few times and find the one that sounds most like the patient understands the teaching

🔸 “Does the statement from the patient indicate further teaching is required?” Read the available answers and find the one that explains the patient isn’t fully understanding the teaching and provide further teaching to them

🔸 “What is your priority assessment” or “What is the first thing you would do”. The key word here is FIRST or PRIORITY.  Usually all the listed answers are things you would eventually do.  However the question is what would you do absolutely first!!!

Is there any tricky exam wordings that i’ve missed??

Comment them below! 👇👇👇

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