How to Study for Pharmacology in Nursing School

How to study for Pharmacology ⠀

This is the most asked question I have seen since I began this account and I thought it was about time I made a post on it!


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📝 Drug Classifications:

Instead of learning each specific medication in every single classification focus on the classification as a whole (eg. focus on beta blockers as a classification instead of Metoprolol)


📝 Drug Suffixes:

This helps group medications and assists you to quickly identify which medication belongs to each classification of medication (eg. beta blockers often end in “-lol”) Once you know the medication’s classification you can recall the MOA of that class.

📝 Mechanisms of Action (MOA):

This I found to be the best way of studying! When you’re studying a classification of medications.  Focus on understanding the medications mechanism of action and how the medication effects the body.  This will make it easier to see what the possible side effects or contraindications may be.  Also if you understand how the medication works you will be able to understand how it will effect the body instead of having to memorize the medication information. Over all better way of studying ☺️

📝 Stand out information when studying a medication:

If you’re reading a medications’ information and there is anything that strikes you as interesting or it stands out to you.  This is usually a good thing to remember and make a note of.

🔸Medications that can’t be suddenly D/C

🔸Medications with food restrictions foods

🔸Medications that cannot be taken with other medications

📝 Nursing Interventions:

This is also a very vital part of studying for pharmacology exams. Remembering important nursing interventions for each drug classification. This tip will help you with the questions that ask you what you would do! (eg. “what is your priority” style questions)

📝 Teaching Points:

Also a very important section of studying for pharmacology! The teaching points are directed towards teaching the family or patient.

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