How to Make Concept Map

Concept Nursing School Care Map 

Concept care maps are used to organize patient’s information and allows you to see the full picture of the patient.

🔹Remember: bookmark this page for future reference 🔹

📚 Steps to complete a concept care map 📚

1. First make the very basic outline of the concept map

🔸 Keep in mind the categories: Medical diagnosis, Clinical manifestations, Nursing diagnosis, Expected outcomes and Interventions. 🔸

⭐️ Remember: at the beginning it will be hard to identify the correct nursing diagnosis but don’t worry! Once you start collect all the patient’s information you will be able to see what the correct nursing diagnosis may be. ⭐️


2. Gather all your patients information (this can be seen on the picture above). You can find this information in the patient’s chart, kardex or directly from the patient.

3. This including: age, gender, admission date, reason for being admitted, chronic illnesses, surgery hx, lab data, meds, allergies, pain, current treatments, diet, physical assessments etc.


4. Identify important medical information (lab values, assessments, medications, treatments, med hx etc).

5. Find the possible relationships between the gathered data and a nursing diagnosis. Pick the most important patient problems and identify a nursing diagnosis (I recommend using the NANDA nursing diagnosis book).

6. Identify possible goals, outcomes and interventions for the patient.

7. Evaluate patient’s response to the treatment and the progress of the patient.

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