3 Online Resources Every Nursing Student Needs ASAP (Thank me later!)

Let's be honest... nursing school is hard!! Nursing students need all the help and support they can possible get.  That is why I decided to make a post on all the amazing nursing resources available to help you thrive in your classes! 

I'll be going through the 3 Must Read Blogs/Websites for Nursing Students!

1. Registered Nurse RN

If you are not already following this page and youtube channel stop everything and go search her up! Sarah is a RN who makes informational nursing school content and goes through every single topic! Sarah has a variety of nursing videos that outline specific disease process, pharmacology, nursing skills and so much more!

I was lucky enough to find her early on in my nursing school experience and I hope I am able to help you with your studies by suggesting you look her up too! 

Here is the link to her site

Her Instagram

Her Youtube



2. Your Nurse Educator

This resource is for all my Instagram users! Barbara posts such informative posts and she just started making badge cards with information at a glance! All her posts are educational and aesthetically pleasing.  She works as a Registered Nurse in Canada so if you're in nursing school make sure you check her out.

Also if you're in the market for study guides she has a variety available!

Her Instagram

Her Badge Cards


3. All Nurses.com

I found this website to be helpful to gather information of different areas of nursing and different opportunities within the field.  This page is a forum style site which lets you talk to real people who are able to answer your question personally! 

If your interested in hearing from nurses in a certain areas of nursing, career growth or advice than this is for-sure the place for you! There is even a section for New Nurses.

Check it out here 



What are your go to Nursing School resources?? Let me know below

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